POLITICS Dozens Of States Set To Join New York In Suspending The Trump Foundation


Along with the moratorium on fundraising, the Trump Foundation is going to have to present detailed financial records about their shady practices to a court three weeks before election day. And this time, the courts have subpoena power on their side. Trump isn’t going to be able to refuse, like he has time and time again when pressed by the public for his tax returns.

Ironically, it was Trump’s own braggadocious stunt this January that set off the bloodhounds. After getting into a very public feud that turned appallingly sexist with conservative media matriarch Megyn Kelly, Trump declared that he wouldn’t be taking part in the next debate in protest, and that he would hold a fundraiser for “the troops” instead.

Trump raised $5.6 million that night, which was put in the Trump Foundation’s coffers. Several months later, however, the money still hadn’t been paid out – and it was only after journalists began badgering him about it were the funds distributed.

Then came the revelations that he used the Trump Foundation to funnel his income through so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it and that he made a $25,000 donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in exchange for her dropping the investigation into his Trump University scam.

Now, charity experts have told The Daily Beast that “the attorneys general of other states may soon get involved in a long, drawn-out process.” Since charity rules are different state-to-state, Trump may have broken the law in forty-onestates.

“The Trump Foundation would be required to file similar paperwork with the attorneys generals of nearly every other state, and they could all take similar action. It is likely that other states will follow suit and they will be issued cease and desist orders denying them fundraising privileges in other states. That is the most likely next step” says Aaron Dorfman, the president of the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy.”

As if Trump’s self-destructive downward spiral wasn’t complete enough, he’s likely to be entering election day under investigation in dozens of states for his fraudulent practices – and win or lose on Election Day, these investigations aren’t going anywhere. Trump’s ego set him on this course in the first place – and now justice is coming for the mandarin mogul.