[UPDATED – 11/1/17] Using Chrome or Safari to listen to The Mix? You NEED to read this!


Update (11th January 2017): We’ve now upgraded our servers, you can listen through our website using Chrome & Safari. 


Recently, The Mix Radio has seen a significant rise in the number of technical-related enquiries we are receiving on social media regarding not being able to listen to any of our stations through Google Chrome. 98% of those people encountering difficulties listening have confirmed that they have updated Google Chrome from version 54 to it’s new BETA version, Chrome 55 and cannot listen via our radio player, or our newest feature, /live (which, unlike our flash-based player at radioplayer.themixradio.co.uk, is a player coded in HTML5).

The issue is simple: Google has stopped supporting the version of our streaming server, which identifies why you can’t listen in the new Chrome update. Stopping support has caused issues for not only us, but thousands of other internet-based radio stations across the globe and, although our team are constantly battling it hard to try and find loopholes to improve your user experience, we must recommend that you use another browser as an alternative way of listening.

Many are predicting that other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox will be making the same change in months to come, however, giving the reaction Google has received due to stopping support for version 1 servers (and HTTP/0.9), it’s looking like Mozilla will be learning from Google’s big mistake.

It has also been confirmed that Apple’s Safari users are encountering the same issue with connecting to version 1 servers.

Now, we’ve been using version 1 servers for a number of years and have found v2 servers to be problematic and ‘buggy’ at times. However, we will be upgrading our server to adapt to this browser update.

So, in conclusion, we recommend you use the following browsers to re-enhance your user experience:

If you have any technical issues and would like support, please email: studio@themixradio.co.uk and our team will forward your email on to a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

This issue is out of our control and we therefore apologise that we cannot assist you further at this moment in time. Please check back for more details on what’s going on behind the scenes and how we’re trying to overcome this update.