Robbie Burns


Check out Mr. Burns (as the boss calls him)…

If you thought Robbie Burns was a poet then you thought right, but it’s not this Robbie. Maybe Googling ‘Rabbie’ will be more beneficial. Robbie is a Yorkshireman. Born and bred in the City of York, Robbie’s broad Yorkshire tones are heard when people are pulling a sickie, or when he is asked (very politely) by the boss to go into the overheated oven of a studio to talk about something interesting… you may even hear him reading the news from time to time!

After working on a number of radio stations across the UK (and in Yorkshire), he returned to his roots – internet radio, and joined the team at The Mix Radio. After presenting nearly every show on the station, Robbie now works behind the scenes as one of the Programme Controllers at the station.