Ian Pinnell


Ian Pinnell is a one of those guys who everyone just gets along with. Well known for his dulcet tones, Ian loves radio (just listen to his show, you can tell!) and the world of music and entertainment. Formerly of The Ride Home on The Mix Radio, Ian can now be found in his new home of Saturday 1pm – 5pm and Sunday 12pm – 3pm. We did think of giving him a gig doing a radio gameshow, but we’ve decided not to as he’s not as old as Gary!

Behind the scenes, Ian is the king of social media for The Mix. He manages our social media accounts and keeps you entertained off air as well as on. Whether you are waking up to new trends or are linking to some nice juicy celeb gossip before bed, he’s always got something to share! Get in touch with Ian throughout his show and even after, he’s very friendly!