Police drive ill mans car to the police station – then blow it up!


Cumbria police have tonight apologised to a man for a mix-up that led to his car being blown up at their police station.

Bomb disposal teams were called out to Workington police station for a “suspicious incident” after the silver Corsa was unoccupied outside Workington police station in Cumbria in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Following the controlled explosion, it later emerged that police had parked the vehicle there after the owner had taken ill in Workington town centre.

A police spokesman said: “Due to an internal communication error, officers dealing with this morning’s incident were not aware of this and their actions were conducted, and prioritised, with the safety of the public in mind.

“Following the controlled explosion, the vehicle was searched and the suspicions were negated.”

The spokesman added that the officers on overnight duty had become concerned around “suspicious objects” in the vehicle which were at the time unexplained.

As a precaution the station was evacuated and a 100-metre cordon was put in place before a small controlled explosion took place shortly after 8am.

Inspector Ashley Bennett said: “The constabulary is not complacent regarding incidents of public safety which we take very seriously.

“We would like to thank the public for the patience shown this morning as we dealt with an incident that was treated as suspicious and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“We have made contact with the owner of the vehicle, explained the situation and have apologised to him.

“The officers who dealt with this morning’s incident did so with public safety in mind and followed the appropriate procedures in respect to an unoccupied suspicious vehicle.

“The constabulary will review this incident and will take on board any learning.”