Have-go hero saves a mum and kids from an armed attacker


Kevin Taylor, a have-go here, was getting in his car in Manchester when he heard screams and saw a man brandishing a knife at a mother and daughter.

Former Army medic and blue belt in Jiu Jitsu, Kevin, leapt over a car bonnet and tackled the man, pinning him between two cars and snapping the knife.

He said: “A woman was saying ‘get away from me’.

“Then I got him on the floor, I snapped the knife. I didn’t know how I did it.”

Kevin’s proud wife posted on Facebook: “Just wanted to give my amazing husband a shout out after he saved a woman today from being stabbed at Morrisons Failsworth man was about to stab a woman when before I knew it he’d jumped out the car hit him snapped the knife in his hand and had him pinned on the floor until the police arrived. Always my hero x”

He has been heavily praised on social media since the attack.

Among those thanking him was the intended victim’s fiancée who said: “Massive thank you to your husband that was my fiancée he saved and my little girl. Many many thanks.”

Another said: “Done young man, an heroic act of bravery. Need a few more brave citizens like you around with the kind of idiots knocking about nowadays!

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they were called to the supermarket at about 4pm after being called by a man who said he had apprehended another man with a knife.

A 33-year-old man was arrested.