Sign language interpreter steals the show at Logic hip-hop concert


A sign language interpreter has shocked the crowd at a hip-hop concert after she outshone the rapper on stage.

When American artist Logic introduced interpreter Kat to the crowd at New York’s Governors Ball Music Festival, he challenged her to keep up with his freestyle.

“I’m going to freestyle and we’re going to see if you can keep up with my raps,” he said.

And judging by the reaction in the crowd – she did just that.

“Everybody this is Kat, she is signing for the hearing impaired today, this is incredible,” the 27-year-old rapper told his fans.

“I want to have some fun today are you ready?” he added before starting his freestyle.

Kat stood in front of Logic off stage and when the rapper picked up the pace of his freestyle – Kat upped her game.

When some non-signing fans wanted to know just how accurate Kat’s interpreting was, hearing impaired fans on social media were quick to big her up.

This isn’t the first time a language interpreter has stolen the show at a music gig.

In May this year sign Holly Maniatty went viral after footage of her signing at a Snoop Dogg concert convinced fans she was more into the performance than he was.