Harry Styles sings Kanye West song at secret gig and everyone thinks it’s a dig at Taylor Swift


In case you missed it, early yesterday morning Harry Styles announced that tickets for his secret gig in London were on sale at the show’s venue on a first come, first serve basis.

The cheeky move saw hundreds of Harry’s fans rush down to The Garage in Highbury and Islington in their pyjamas as they desperately tried to get their hands on one of the incredibly limited tickets to his show that night.

Was last night’s song choice an elaborate dig at TayTay?

Sold at just £10, all of the proceeds went to The Little Princess Trust – the same charity that Harry famously donated his hair to last year.

Needless to say, the 200 tickets sold out almost instantly and it is safe to say that the exclusive concert did not disappoint, with Harry treating his fans to free pizza at the venue before performing his entire self-titled debut solo album, which was only released the day before.

As well as the 10 album tracks, including his debut solo single ‘Sign Of The Times’ Harry also treated the concertgoers to two other performances; one of his much-loved One Direction song, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, and the other… ‘Ultralight Beam’ by rapper Kanye West.

Although he obviously gave a flawless rendition of Kanye’s song, many fans raised eyebrows at his choice – particularly because of Kanye’s well-documented and ongoing beef with Taylor Swift.

For all those who are completely out of the loop, Taylor and Harry enjoyed a very brief and incredibly public romance way back in 2012, with many believing that the romance was nothing more than a publicity stunt due to how well-publicised it was and the fact that Taylor went on to hint that many of her future songs were written about Harry, despite them only being together for around three months.

Harry and Taylor were papped together a LOT.

The Haylor era came back into the headlines following the release of Harry’s album, with some arguing that the track ‘Two Ghosts’ is about Taylor, something that Harry’s close pal, Nick Grimshaw, directly asked Harry about during his interview on the BBC Radio One Breakfast Show on Friday.

Seeming almost horrified by the implication, Harry loudly insisted that it was not about TayTay, with Nick’s personal disdain for the US popstar also being clear.

Harry Styles insisted Two Ghosts was not about Taylor.

Now fans reckon that Kanye West’s song being the only cover that Harry Styles did during his 12-song setlist is a direct dig at his links to Taylor, and they took to Twitter to share their appreciation for his sassiness:

Harry hasn’t given a reason for why he decided to cover Ultralight Beam, and we have a feeling that this is one theory that will probably never be confirmed or denied.