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Matt Hemmaty

Mix Evenings with Matt Hemmaty

Matt Hemmaty, well, where do we start? Many years ago he worked at a very popular commercial radio station that was REALLY good. Then, that was bought out and re-branded to a name that rhymes with ‘dart’ and he found himself working in IT instead.

Fastforward to 2020, and Matt has somehow ended up on evenings on The Mix Radio. We did offer him the breakfast show, but he didn’t want to get up that early!

Matt keeps you company every weekday evening (Mon-Thu) from 7-10pm on The Mix Radio.

What’s on the menu?

He’s got the ‘salute’ of the day (that’s SALUTE of the day, not SOUP of the day), celeb gossip, random stuff Matt has come across during the day, and he also has a bit of banter with Robbie from Wednesday & Thursday’s late show.

If you have a ‘salute’ that you think will be WAYYYY better than Matt’s, email or follow us on Facebook & Twitter