10 Conversations You Can Now Have Thanks to the Newly Unveiled Emojis


It’s World Emoji Day! So what better way to celebrate than with, well, a brand new set of emojis?!

Apple gifted iPhone fanatics with a look at more than a dozen individual symbols to be included in the next version of iOS, expected sometime this fall. We’ve already seen a glimpse of what the rollout will entail, but a bundle of the official versions was finally unveiled Monday.

While Apple answered the internet’s call for more diversity by adding a woman wearing a head scarf, that’s not the only character that has people talking. From a mediating man to a flesh-hungry zombie and more mythical creatures than ever, let’s just say everyone’s conversations will be taken to the next level in no time at all. In anticipation of the update, we’re breaking down a few of the pop culture topics we can’t wait to discuss in the form of emojis.

1. Babies on babies on babies! With Mandy Kaling expecting her first child and Jessica Alba pregnant with baby No. 3, plenty of celebrity moms will deserve our attention in the coming months. Perfect timing, indeed.

2. Vacationing in the City of Angels and spot Kendall Jenner walking with Bella Hadid down Rodeo Drive? Cue the star-struck emoji.

3. This one will come in handy when the need for new Taylor Swift music becomes practically unbearable. All together now: “Ohm!”

4. When sending out the invites for your The Walking Dead season 8 viewing party, this zombie will really entice your guests to RSVP.

5. And after you’ve binge watched the entirety of The Walking Dead in anticipation of the new season, react to all the horrifying gore with this one.

6. Now that filming on Jurassic World: Fallen Soldier has officially wrapped, prepare for the sequel’s premiere on June 22, 2018 with a friendly dinosaur. Rawr!

7. When Halloween time rolls around, let this mythical emoji decide your squad’s Game of Thrones-inspired set of costumes.

8. April the Giraffe and Fiona the Hippo have all had their chance to shine, we think it’s time for a zebra to go viral. Hence, all the conversations we’ll have using this emoji when it actually happens.

9. When the feud between Shannon Beador and Kelly Dod ultimately explodes on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Minds. Blown.

10. As No Shave November rolls around, the only emoji that will let us obsess over Hollywood’s hunkiest bearded men is this emoji.
Which emoji is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!