Wayne Rooney loses £500,000 in a lone, two hour gambling session


It has been reported that footballer Wayne Rooney lost a staggering £500,000 in a two-hour gambling session.

The star is said to have been on his own at Manchester’s 235 Casino, running up the huge bill on unlucky games of roulette and blackjack.

Wayne threw away half a million pounds in two hours.

Speaking to The Sun, one source dished: “He was gambling a lot on red and seemed to be in his own world.

“Wayne was being extremely reckless, laying down chips which amounted to massive bets.

“He was drinking bottles of beer. But he wasn’t drunk. He was more interested in the gambling than drinking.

“He kept losing but that just prompted him to bet more. He was chasing his losses, which was just making things worse for him. People in the casino were looking at him and were stunned at what was happening.

Wayne’s wife, Coleen, was away with their three children at the time.

“He was cursing under his breath and seemed to be in his own little world — fixated on the tables and all the machines around them. He looked really down in the mouth towards the end.”

This extortionate spree will no doubt be a disappointment for Wayne’s wife, Coleen, who is thought to have been on a trip away with their three sons, seven-year-old Kai, three-year-old Klay and one-year-old Kit when Wayne blew the money, with the couple previously falling out after Wayne ran up another huge betting bell.

An insider added to the publication: “Coleen was away in Europe with the boys. This is the last place on earth she would want Wayne to be — and that’s before he’s gambled away half a million quid in a few hours.

Wayne has lost thousands in past gambling sprees.

“I wouldn’t want to be in Wayne’s shoes when Coleen finds out. It’s an obscene amount of money in anybody’s book.

“She is sensible and a successful businesswoman, so this will horrify her.”

Wayne admitted in his autobiography that Coleen was left furious when he lost £50,000 gambling early on in his career, however, he remains a regular at Manchester’s casino, which includes other famous clients including Rio Ferdinand, Ryan Giggs and Kym Marsh.