New ’13 Reasons Why’ Snapchat Craze!


Okay, we admit it. We’re OBSESSED with 13 Reasons Why. We’re watching the entire series through for the third time (yup) and often find ourselves canceling plans with pals in favor of Dylan Minnette and co. Sorry ’bout it.

Now – whether you love it or hate it – you can’t deny the Netflix show’s sparked a huge debate around suicide and mental health. Every lad and his Labradoodle’s talking about it, and now the series has started a weird Snapchat craze amongst fans

Twitter user @carlymoore_ noticed a trend in which fans of the show basically turn it into a game. The concept? You’re put in the position of protagonist Hannah Baker and have to tell friends whether or not they’ve wronged you via a tape.

The snap she received read: ‘Let’s play 13 Reasons Why; send me an X and I’ll reply with “tape” or “no tape”. If you get “tape” you’ve hurt me, “no tape” means you’ve done nothing wrong. Figure the rest out yourself.”

Well, this could open up a can of worms in many a friendship, couldn’t it?

This all comes after mental health organization Headspace criticized the show over its portrayal of suicide and mental health issues. They said: “There is a responsibility for broadcasters to know what they are showing and the impact that certain content can have on an audience and on a young audience in particular.”