Is This A Little Weird Or Super Nice?


Meet Rebecca Hernandez and her high school sweetheart Frankie, who got married in 2012 and soon adopted a puppy named Apollo. Hernandez says that the pooch has had them up on their toes since day one.. “[Apollo is] always doing something he wasn’t supposed to and constantly destroying anything we ever bought him,” Hernandez told Buzzfeed. “But he is extremely loving and really spoiled by everyone in his life.”

However, soon after getting married the couple started having problems. Now they have been separated for two years, though neither of them has yet filed for divorce. “It’s been rocky,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of growing up to do. We still get sentimental when we speak because we will always love each other.”

However, whenever Frankie visits his family, he also comes to see Apollo and even sends the doggie a birthday gift card every year. This year he ended his letter with “continue to be there for her like you were for me.”

Hernandez shared the gift card on Twitter, and the Internet started cheering for both of them to get back together. “We are both so overwhelmed by it all… Who knows where this will lead for our relationship.”

Rebecca Hernandez and Frankie got married in 2012 and soon adopted a puppy named Apollo

The two got separated 2 years ago but the woman’s ex still sends birthday cards to their dog