Cheryl and Liam Payne ‘apply for permission to DOUBLE size of Surrey home’ after fan fears they were moving to America


It looks like Cheryl and Liam Payne will be staying in the UK for the foreseeable after applying for planning permission to double the size of their Surrey mansion.

The couple have reportedly applied to build a multi-million pound extension to their property, consisting of a new garage which would have a passageway to the house, an indoor pool and a new guest house.

But the pair, who welcomed first child Bear Grey Payne in March, recently had planning permission refused after they applied to build a ‘super garage’ to house their £1 million fleet of six cars.

Woking Borough Council deemed it ‘inappropriate’, stating concern for nearby mature trees.

Cheryl and Liam have submitted multiple applications to the authority, according to the Daily Mail .

Liam bought the house in 2015 for £5.1 mllion, and if their latest plans are approved, it would mean building work can finally get going on the home after two years of waiting around for the couple.

News that they want to expand their home will come as a delight to UK fans who had feared they may be moving Stateside.

With Liam spending time over there to work on his album and Cheryl reportedly wanting to work on her own music in the States, fans were worried that they’d be moving out of the UK.

Fears were fuelled when Cheryl was seen at the American Embassy in London, but she was just filling out a visa application for an upcoming trip.

Planning permission was granted to Liam and Cheryl in 2015 to add a single-storey extension on the main house, with space for an indoor pool with a tropical plant area, rockery, flowing stream and jacuzzi.

The plans changed three months later to include an adjoining basement area with a gym and a games room, and that was approved later the same year.

But building work didn’t begin before they applied for more planning permission in 2017 to convert the garage into a guest house.

And because the new plans include interlinking passageways, it is critical that they get permission, or they’ll have to submit new plans for the entire house.