Moors Murderer Ian Brady dies aged 79


After 51 years in prison for crimes that shocked the world, Moors murderer Ian Brady has died aged 79.

The serial killer was jailed in 1966 for hideous crimes against youngsters.

After years of being force-fed, OAP Brady died at 79 years of aye at Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside.

A statement from Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “We can confirm a 79-year-old patient in long term care at Ashworth High Secure Hospital had died after becoming physically unwell.”

Before his death a source said: “He is gravely ill and everyone there is prepared for him dying.”

Brady never revealed the final resting place of his victim Keith Bennett – causing outrage among his victims families.

Four of the Brady, and crime partner Myra Hindley’s victims were buried on Saddleworth moor – south Pennines.