World set to end on 23rd September

Are you enjoying September so far? Well, best savour it as the planet only has a few days left before the end of everything. That’s if you believe in biblical prophecies anyway. According to the Daily Mail, the Rapture will take place … Read More »

Rihanna responds to body-shaming article

Rihanna has responded to a blogger who body-shamed her in true Rihanna fashion. She posted a meme of Gucci Mane, showing his weight loss since 2007. The original article, which appeared on sports website Barstool Sports, said she looked like … Read More »

Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke Is Amazing!

Harry Styles is the latest singer to join James Corden on his commute to work. We haven’t had a decent Carpool Karaoke in quite some time and Harry has just reminded us how much we love it. During the ride … Read More »

Divorce Selfies Are Now A Thing!

When you think of divorce, the first few things that come to mind probably include fighting, cursing, bitterness, and basically everything else you would see in a movie. A new trend is spreading among modern (un-coupled) couples, however, and it … Read More »

Avril Lavigne Conspiracy Theorists Go Wild

Earlier this week, the internet resurrected the conspiracy theory that claims Avril Lavigne is dead, and the internet was (and still is) freaking out. Now Lavigne posted a photo to Twitter, and the conspiracy theorists are diving right in to dissect the … Read More »

Noughties Weekend on The Mix

This Bank Holiday Weekend, we’re playing all hits from 2000 – 2009 on our Noughties Weekend! Throwback to the decade when the last ever episode of ‘Friends’ aired, Ant, Dec and Cat kept us entertained on Saturday mornings… ..Busted announced … Read More »