Advertising with The Mix Radio – it really works!

The Mix Radio isn’t just a very popular internet radio station, it’s a platform for you to promote yourself or your business. Lacking income? Look no further – you have to invest to sell, and with The Mix Radio’s affordable sales packages, we can really boost the number of customers you receive and that doesn’t stop there.

As an advertiser with The Mix Radio, you are a friend to the radio station, a true partner. We promise to give you up to the minute news from The Mix Radio and to prove how much we care about your business, by promoting you on social media as well as on the air, for the extra attention from our listener-base.

The Mix Radio broadcasts to over 30,000 people every month… and that’s just on The Mix Radio alone! A recent measurement of our listeners shocked our team and the return on investment you will receive from the small investment you make is incredible.

What’s in it for me?

Easy. As a partner with The Mix Radio, you’ll receive:

  • A professionally scripted, voiced and produced commercial that you can keep.
  • Regular promotions on social media.
  • A smashing amount of publicity on air. You’ll not only have your commercial aired regularly, but we’ll also talk about your business too!
  • Plus, if you want to go the extra mile and invest a little bit more into our not for profit organisation, we’ll offer you the chance to be on the air with us to talk about your business… for example: if you are in the technology industry and something breaks out in the news, we’ll come straight to you (as you are our partner) and we’ll ask you more information about the story in question.

It’s simple, efficient and cost effective… and, it doesn’t break the bank!

Contact us today by calling 01375 351 520 or email to get in touch with our non-pushy, friendly and down to earth sales team! After contacting us you’ll receive an information pack all about our network and, the all important quotes that won’t rip a hole in your wallet!